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Cases Learning information Systems - from hidden quality potentials to steady improvements

NFF worked with an international manufacturing company with more than 3000 employees across 200 sites in Northern Europe over a period of six months,  reporting to the CEO and working together with the local management teams.

Due to market demands the task for NFF was to improve product quality and the accompanying business processes. We also needed to provide a change in the quality attitude in all parts of the organization and utilize the quality system.  The owner required development with a long term perspective not a short term fix.

The successful result was:

  • Instruction in the 3 highest organizational quality levels: Cost, cost reduction and Learning information systems.
  • Assessment of the quality cost and Learning information system against a 1000 point benchmark model, conducted at each site with local management participation. 

With each area assessment 4-15 projects were defined and 10% as determined to be the cost base of quality cost.  Reductions of at least 2% to the cost base was identified and every site realized those improvements in 100 days.

At the same time a master plan for duplicate half year repeated cycles were designed, decided on and implemented.

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