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News Benchmarking visit: Practical production planning in LUVATA Pori Finland.

Through the last year BSB-Industry Poland have put lot of efforts into improving their planning capabilities. A Visual, smart and simple production planning system has been designed and deployed on the shop floor. In parallel a new Navision system is in process of being implemented. New Future Formula senior consultant Chris Russell has proudly taken part in the journey.

Sometimes when you work and struggle hard with something it is worth visiting somebody else that has experienced the same challenges - and succeeded. Thereby you get enforcement of what you do right, adjustment on where you difficulties are and inspiration for next steps. Therefore BSB Poland visited LUVATA Pori Finland the 23rd of August.

LUVATA Pori Finland produce super conductors, and have worked with the planning process for years and have thereby been able reduce throughput time with 75% since 2008.

We met many kind and fine persons on “LUVATA Pori Finland”. They presented with understandable pride what they have achieved through the years. As intended the focus was on production planning. We saw several impressive box systems in the factory. We also saw how it fitted to the IT set-up. Many notes and ideas were taken and the insight are probably already in implementation in BSB Poland.

On behalf of BSB-Poland and New Future Formula, again thanks to LUVATA Pori for opening your doors and our minds.





Our hosts at LUVATA Pori were: Alejandro Tassara, LPS Office, Jari Heikkila, Senior LPS Navigator Pori, Rick Hainirihar, LPS Office, Ben Karlemo, Head of Superconductors Business Unit, Carita Laine, LPS Navigator, Mikael Holm, Production Manager, Ida Myllyharju, Supply Chain Specialist, Samuli Sinerva, LPS Navigator.

From BSB following persons participated: Axel Elneff, production manager, BSB, Karol Bania, production manager, BSB, Marek Piwowarski, production manager, BSB, Sebastian Nurkowski, production planning, BSB and Christian Møller, production coordination, BSB, Andrzej Cywinski,BSB

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