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News New Future Formula - 10 years in business

New Future Formula - 10 years in business

New Future Formula first saw the light of day on 1st of April 2007. Over the years, we have assisted organizations, business managers and employees create convincing and lasting productivity gains. We have had the pleasure of cooperating with early infancy start-ups as well as thriving businesses in need of inspiration for their journey moving forward. Over the next 10 weeks, we will be sharing with you the essence of our learning plus tips and tricks from our first decade. We hope to provide you and your colleagues with inspiration to continue your journey towards the top.

New Future Formula, 10 years in business

We have discovered a formula for continuously improving the effectiveness across the business

On 1st of April 2007 New Future Formula saw the light of day. What were the dreams? Did they come true? And what were the results?

This is a brief situational report to our clients and network. This is our way of showing our gratitude for what you have enabled us to achieve over the years - without you we would not be here today. Perhaps a slightly peculiar way of showing appreciation but this is our way of doing it. 

From the very first day, it has been our passion to create short-term results by improving processes while at the same time ensuring development for people and systems. This allows improvements and thereby outcomes to continue and from a long-term perspective grow. These are the three strings we have always been playing: process improvement, people and systems. Time and again from a short-term as well as a long-term perspective.

We have found ourselves working mostly with industrial companies, across geographic boundaries and functions.

Throughout the financial crisis, people and organizations acquired vital insights and learning. And so did we. It became clear to us that when they had to, several of our clients had the will to not only ‘make negative cuts’ but also the ability to ‘act positively with a long-term perspective’. They had not lost the courage and the belief in the future, despite the worst financial crisis for decades. They called us at the exact right times.

The tasks we set out to do differed widely, although we were able to identify a few common denominators: They cut across functions and across geographic boundaries. They concerned how to strengthen the company’s improvement efforts as a means of realizing a strategic target. The goal was not only to survive this quarter until next year; it was also to fulfil the dream of winning in the market in 3, 5 or 10 years. A dream followed up by investments ‘despite the debilitating crisis’, because it is exactly when a crisis is debilitating that investments come cheap and organizations generally feel particularly motivated to implement changes.

The dreams did come true by implementing small and large concrete improvements, in parallel and persistently over the years. This was effected while at the same time witnessing employees and organizations grow and systems and toolboxes being created. It was great fun, hard and educational. It still is – and it should continue to be so.

During the past few years, we have been structuring our experiences and applying them in a host of other companies. These experiences have now been gathered in our book ‘CBI, Continuous Business Improvement’. We will celebrate our 10-year anniversary by sharing our experiences with you. We will be serving you, the readers of the newsletter from New Future Formula, easily digestible titbits over the next 10 weeks.

By sharing our knowledge, we hope to return some of what we have acquired. If by sharing our knowledge, we can inspire you to constantly make improvements wherever you are – this would make us happy and proud. We have noted that when efficiency efforts are taken to the next level, the companies themselves and the ambient society stand to gain enormously through the growth and the sustainable prosperity brought about by improvements. 

Below you will find a tiny summary to prepare you for the weeks to come.

New Future Formula has discovered the formula for working with CBI. You will find it below.


CBI merely means ‘Continuous Business Improvement’ and is our framework for lean, six sigma, operational excellence and other approaches to continously achieve improved efficiency and product development at every stage.

Briefly speaking, good improvement processes are launched and maintained because there is a need for change. For this reason, the company must create and lay down a relatively clear meaning, target and direction of CBI, tied to the past, present and the future. Preferably with a positive and interesting spirit.

Once ‘meaning, target and direction’ of CBI are relatively evident, the following three steps come into play: 1) Feel it, it is happening now; 2) See the opportunities; and 3) Reflect on it, widely and deeply.

When this has settled in, the time has come for step 4) Deciding on improvement, followed by step 5) Implementation, typically in one hundred days. But this is not the end of it. A structure must be in place to ensure continued repetitions at increasingly higher levels moving forward, for years. This is step 6. And the organization must have committed and increasingly competent individuals who come to master increasingly complex approaches, more intelligent systems and better tools. This is what steps 7 and 8 address.

Using the CBI formula, organizations continuously achieve three things:

  • Documented bottom-line revenue improvements to the tune of 4-16 %.
  • Year by year, improvements that the customers can understand and which make sense for the staff.
  • Year by year, people with enhanced skills and improved systems to see and to carry through improvements.

Most likely your company already follows a vibrant pattern of constant improvements. By sharing our knowledge, we want to inspire you to set in motion even better and faster vibrations while smiling in the process.

New Future Formula is dedicated to working with CBI - Continuous Business Improvement.

Together with our clients:
- We design, introduce and support new CBI programmes.
- We inspire, evaluate and improve existing CBI programmes.

The CBI formula is our framework. To begin with we look at meaning, targets and direction. Through continuous process improvements, employee development and system optimization we create a steady flow of results. This allows us to spread out the continuous efficiency efforts to all corners of the company and its life.

Since 2007, New Future Formula has completed more than 8,300 improvement projects for more than 80 organizations with a documented effect on the bottom line in excess of DKK 1100 million (EUR 148.6 million). In the process, more than 500 people have received training.

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