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New Future Formula is a management consultancy company, founded 2007. Our mission is to support organizations in Continuous Business Improvement (CBI).

  • We design, implement and operate new CBI-programs.
  • We inspire, evaluate and improve existing CBI-programs.

CBI is our name for lean, six sigma, continuous improvement and operational excellence - the umbrella for organizational strive for better, faster and cheaper.

Continous Business Improvement

CBI starts and ends with cultural change. Often, our starting point is to realize very specific improvements with clear meaning and clear targets. The improvements are typically equal to an effect by 4-16% of the revenue. We do it in a way that creates happy and committed people. In the end we have a “people’s movement” which means an aligned organization that drives waves of purposeful, profitable and understandable improvements on a continuing basis.  

Our clients are

  • Industrial groups who strive to be world class in CBI
  • Medium sized companies who want to tye up loose ends, to align the organization and to get on track, using tools from the best in class companies in CBI. 

Ellen Gerdi Andersen

Ellen Gerdi Andersen

Managing Director

Ellen has 15 years of experience in B2B sales at management level in international groups. From 1990 Ellen was responsible for sales of electronic components in Germany. She started from scratch and ended up positining her company Chemitalic, medium sized, Scandinavian market leader, as one of the leading suppliers of PCB boards in Germany. In 1996 Ellen shifted to the food industri, and became responsible for sales of ingredients in France for the company Palsgaard, world leading supplier of ingredients. Graduallay she took over more countries in Western Europe where the challenge was revitalisation and repositioning the products. From 2000 Ellen added an increasing number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe to her market porte-folio. In this new region she started from scrath. She had to set up up sales organisation and market strategies and was leading the acitivites locally as long as necessary. Finally she began working in Tunesia as platform for further penetration into North Africa. Ellen has worked with agents, distributors and affiliates, and she has trained local sales staff in products, sales and markets strategies. Since 2009, Ellen has been Managing Director of New Future Formula. Besides she assists companies with their sales and exports efforts on consultancy basis.  

MA in Business Language & Culture - German & French (cand. ling. merc.)
Diploma in International Business Administration - HD(U)

EFQM Assessor, Bruxelles March 2015

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Niels Gørup Christiansen

Niels Gørup Christiansen

Director, Senior Consultant

Niels founded New Future Formula in 2007. Niels has been carrying out complex, epoch-making CBI programs and projects in corporate groups for the last 20 years. They include implementing EFQM Business Excellence at Grundfos, which won the Danish Quality Award 1999 and was a European Excellence Award finalist in 2001 and execution of a development project at Johnson Controls (SABROE)/YORK) of "SAB-Cube", that represented a quantum leap in industrial refrigeration, and was nominated as "Best Innovation in 2007" in Denmark. Niels is known for running CBI that gives documented and sustainable bottom line results - and in the same time happy people and an efficient sustainable management system. Niels helps businesses achieve world-class Continuous Business Improvement programs. Read more...


MSc in Engineering (Civilingeniør)
Diploma in International Business Administration - HD(U)

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Chris Russell

Chris Russell


Chris was responsible for the operational excellence program of LUVATA. The program included 36 plants in 19 countries covering 6300 employees.

Prior Chris has held a series of senior operational roles in large manufacturing companies. During this time Chris has gained great insights in to what are the key ingredients for successfully implementing and sustaining improvements in operational excellence as well as what it takes to align operational and commercial excellence.

Chris holds an MBA from the University of Wales, and has studied advanced management at Warwick Business School. He also has a post graduate certificate in delivering quality excellence and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics.

New Future Formula works in partnership with the company Virrata (www.virrata.co.uk), owned by Chris Russell.

Peter Nymand

Peter Nymand

Nymand & Vogelius

Peter and Niels worked together implementing the EFQM process at Grundfos years ago and have with intensifying strength solved CBI tasks for customers in different industries. Over the past 10 years, Peter has implemented a number of result-creating CBI programs in both public organizations and private Danish companies and international companies.

In addition to Grundfos, Peter has amongst other things worked for Management Center Europe in Brussels and has more than 25 years of experience from positions both at home and abroad where he has worked with process improvements and collaboration processes with the aim of creating more value, for people and organizations.
Peter is able to create both process improvements and behavioral changes. Among other things, he uses his competencies in coaching and mentoring to support and challenge employees and managers in driving the CBI process forward. He creates sustainable and result-creating CBI programs for our customers by creating a solid structure where committed people run the CBI process iteration after iteration.

In short, Peter effectively does CBI with a smile.

Master of science in International Business, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Organization and Management). ICF and EMCC certified coach and certified in a number of person profile tools such as: OPQ, MBTI steps I and II, Everything DISC, TEIQ and others.

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André Omø Agerholm

André Omø Agerholm

KIT Innovation

André knows how to develop systems and concepts, supporting management and bringing clarity. He helps organisations embed systems, structures and concepts. André and Niels have worked together on various complex assignments over the years. André has years of mangement experience at board level in operations and logistics.

MA in Engineering (Civiligeniør)
Academy Engineer
European Excellence Assessor (EFQM)
authorized executive board member
authorized Belbin user

New Future Formula works in partnership with the company "kit-innovation", owned by André Omø Agerholm.

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Rasmus Jørgensen

Rasmus Jørgensen


For over 10 years, Rasmus has been responsible for implementing improvement initiatives in a number of recognized organisations.

The focus has always been and still is to create improvements that engage employees, strengthen the company's processes and contribute to the bottom line.

Rasmus meets organizations and people where they are. Rasmus has a winning nature, which means that the improvement work gives job satisfaction where he comes forward. Rasmus is recognized as a skilled teacher and facilitator.

Rasmus supports his practical experience and his engaging way of working with deep knowledge of organizational and industrial learning systems, and thus has a Ph.D. from DTU within the field. Rasmus has published a number of scientific articles, practitioner articles and presented these at a large number of scientific conferences. Rasmus has received international recognition for his work in process improvement and employee engagement.

He masters the central tools within lean, systematic side man training (TWI-JI), organizational learning and process improvement, and is able to put them into play when relevant - and in a meaningful and ground-breaking way. Through a positive adapted use of the tools, the companies create significant results and lasting changes.

Master of Science in engineering
PhD, DTU Management

New Future Formula works in partnership with Forstaa CVR no 35549110

Mogens Henriksen

Mogens Henriksen

Senior Consultant

Mogens has spent most of his working life at Grundfos, where he has been engaged in the management of functions, projects and processes within a number of different areas of responsibility in both Grundfos A/S and the Grundfos Group. The main tasks have been the development and improvement of production and administrative processes in the supply chain, in roles such as Logistics Manager, Process Director and Operational Excellence Director. 

Involvement and responsibility include implementation of IT system (SAP), global teams and defined processes, change management and continuous improvement of processes and use of IT, development and implementation of production systems based on EFQM Business Excellence, Lean and Total Quality. Mogens and Niels worked closely together on the implementation of EFQM Business Excellence. 

Mogens has also worked as an external lecturer at the study Master in Management of Technology (MMT) (Executive MBA) at Aalborg University for a number of years and held various positions of trust, including board member of the Poul Due Jensen's Foundation (owner of Grundfos). 

Qualifications and experience; 

  • Professional education, Production Technician and Merchant studies, both specialized in Operations Management.  
  • Master in Management of Technology, MMT (Executive MBA) 
  • EFQM European Award Assessor (EAA)
  • Six Sigma 
  • Duties of the Board of Directors