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The founder of New Future Formula

 - Niels Gørup Christiansen

Over the past 20 years, Niels has accomplished some of the most remarkable achievements in Danish business. Niels has implemented the EFQM Business Excellence at Grundfos, which received the Danish Quality Award in 1999 and was a European Excellence Award finalist in 2001.

In York Refrigeration, later Johnson Controls, Niels held the position as Director for Continuous Business Improvement (CBI). He was leading one of the most epoch-making innovation projects in the cooling industry, the SAB Cube, finalist for the innovation of the year. Later that year Niels started on his own by founding the consultancy New Future Formula.

As independent consultant, Niels has continued to carry out complex tasks for international groups like Danfoss and LEGO among others. In the Dovista Group (3600 employees), Niels has been the architect and chief executive for the design, implementation and operation of CBI - in DOVISTA called "Future Excellence".

Niels is dedicated to the work with processes in a broad sense. Based on years of practical experience Niels is able to combine the commonly used models e.g. 6 Sigma, Kaizen, Lean etc., and he makes a solution tailored to the corporation, leading management directly into a positive spiral of continuous improvement.

Niels works with organizations as well as offering individual business mentoring for executives.


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