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“Where are we, where do we want to go – and what is our next steps?” Typical questions asked by an executive management team, when talking continuous improvement, lean and excellence.

The answer needs to combine your improvement projects, your people and your systems and take them  into cycles of steady growth.

“Where are we?” - We deliver assessments of business groups, business units and sites. We assess the actual thinking, the practical doing, the measurable results and the organizational learning.  Vi use many years of international experience in the field CBI. Our assessment give benchmarks with leading groups in Europe. A part of our toolbox is The EFQM Business Excellence model. Our assessment give internal and external benchmarks on soft enablers and hard results.  

“Where do we want to go?” - We deliver CBI-strategy programs in an inspirational way. We see CBI, lean, excellence as the enabler through people, projects and systems to make you reach your plans and dreams.

“What is our next step?” - We transform the insight from strategy and assessment into concrete and realistic plans for developing and growing your CI, lean, excellence journey. We take the full perspective: Culture, programs, systems, tools, competences, and organization – including leadership and management.

You will get the big picture of CBI in your organization – the past, the presence and the future. You will get inspiration, advice and structured plans for how to move your CBI to the next level on your journey towards world class.

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