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Services CBI Leadership & Management

Direction, goals and plans

New Future Formula has 20 years of experience from leading international industrial groups to create a common direction, goal and plans for the CBI work. We work closely with senior management and the organisation’s key people. 

We create simple messages with cultural depth, strategic impact and communicative power. In all the successful groups we have been a part of, a good CBI strategy has been characterised by a combination of a steady stream of specific improvements, an in-depth cultural development and resolute target management - and not just a single dominant approach. We know that it is difficult and that it should look easy and feel just right. We know that a qualified CBI strategy has to be followed by a prolonged, persistent and positive distribution process to produce results. We have repeatedly experienced how this process has been the starting point for changing people and organisations forever and it has ultimately meant that groups have distanced themselves dramatically from the competition.  

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