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CBI stands for Continuous Business Improvement and covers all the organisation’s improvement projects. It could be lean, quality or strategy execution projects. The CBI System is about managing the organisation’s improvement processes and specific improvement projects. CBI systems are the skeleton that improvement projects are built on so that they are manageable for everybody. The CBI system must match the organisation’s level of competence. CBI systems must develop in line with the organisation as it develops.

Our starting point is the system you have. If you do not have a system for managing your improvement processes and your improvement projects, our starting point is in what everyone is familiar with - a spreadsheet or MS Share point. You can end up with a CBI portal to your world of projects, results, training sessions and much more if you wish. The system is developed gradually in conjunction with your IT people as you become aware of your system requirements.

You get a system for managing your improvement projects that employees understand and support. You get a system that gives overview and manageability. You get a system that lives in the organisation.

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