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It is people who make improvements. Therefore the attitudes, knowledge and practical experience of managers, project managers and employees are crucial for success.

We teach you to map processes, identify waste and potentials, to evaluate your processes and make a balanced prioritisation of the improvement projects. We teach you to define, plan and implement improvements and we teach you to lead the change processes. We train you to do it yourself!

We prefer to build on the training already initiated or what has taken place within the organisation. It is important to maintain the line and tie up loose ends up as it creates motivation and progress. Training is conducted on the “train the trainer” principle and it will spread like ripples in water and create momentum. The training will be ongoing while we make the improvements together and the sessions will take half or whole days. Each training session concludes with an exam with grades and everybody receives personal feedback.

We train across cultures and national borders. We provide personal coaching and mentoring. We offer training in CBI, lean and EFQM Business Excellence if you have an interest in that.

You create a common framework and a common language to implement continual improvement. You create momentum and a wish for more throughout the organisation. You train and develop employees in their daily work, so that they always get the job done while also taking root in the new culture of improvement.

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