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Services Continuous Business Improvement

We provide a solid structure and a clear framework to ensure that improvements are implemented. Together with you we identify and define the projects. Together we make a plan for the process and we help you to implement them at the agreed time. We pop in at regular intervals until you can run the ongoing improvements yourself. The typical period is 6 months, but it can be adapted to your wishes, and can be renewed by agreement. You save the cost of new lean or quality employees.

The projects are the improvements that have to be made, but which can be difficult to do during a busy day. There could be excellent projects in the drawer. Such as new initiatives that employees are passionate about, or it might be reducing waste that we discover together. We work with large as well as small projects in and across departments and national borders. We tidy up, cut to, create an overview and prompt progress. The results are evident on the bottom line, so you know what you have accomplished. We create a common framework and a common language along the way for implementing the improvements. We train and develop employees in their daily work, so that they always get the job done while also taking root in the new culture of improvement - we train you to do it yourself!

You have content employees who play their way to a culture of improvement because they find their daily lives are easier from the start. You achieve cost reductions, more revenue, higher profits and a typical annual efficiency gain of 4-12 % of revenue. You free up resources to focus on what you are passionate about and what you are good at: Serving customers and to develop, produce and deliver products.

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