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Services Continuous Business Improvement

Execution Service - total package 

Your company will get a proven framework to see, decide and implement projects in 100 days. We call the framework CBI - Continuous Business Improvement.

New Future Formula provides structure, discipline and positive energy. The starting point is your strategy, experience and maturity, and your obvious opportunities for reducing waste and creating growth. The projects are seen as very specific and concrete by customers and employees. The projects typical have an impact of between 4% and 12% of your turnover. Your employees see and run the projects themselves, and therefore with each run through they become better and better, while at the same time becoming prouder and prouder.  

We call a run through a cycle, and it typically takes six months and includes 7 steps: 

  • Define the aim of CBI 
  • Draw up processes and see the results as they are 
  • See potentials 
  • Reflect 
  • Resolve projects 
  • Execute in 100 days (open, implement, close the projects) 
  • Get ready for the next cycle (employees, systems, plan). 

If you are you interested in becoming even better - please call for more information.