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The business sector needs a change of lifestyle - starting from within!


The Danish business sector as a whole is in need of a change in lifestyle. A change that will create a common obligation to aim for improvement and change as a constant approach.

These are the words of Niels Gørup Christiansen, founder and owner of the Danish consultancy firm New Future Formula. Niels Gørup Christiansen has dedicated years of his career to turning improved business routines into a lifestyle for companies, not only Denmark but also internationally. And as Niels Gørup Christiansen puts it, expectations alone cannot do the trick:

- No, this is something we need to demand from each other. Management must have the courage to demand that employees are willing to propose minor and major improvements of the daily routines on a regular basis, and conversely employees must be able to demand that management listens and reacts to their ideas.

Niels Gørup Christiansen calls this the CBI principle – Continuous Business Improvement – which is also the title of his new book. Click here to get a free sample!

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