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Danfoss drives Danfoss drives Danfoss drives Danfoss drives Danfoss drives

“The simplicity of the MLA concept is the strength and basis for the success we have created together with New Future Formula and our customers.

We can feel that our employees in the meeting with the customers gain a greater understanding of the challenges in the collaboration and a stronger personal commitment to solve the task smartly and efficiently.

The result is higher customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty and increased earnings. We experience that customers place extra business with us, because we deliver the solutions that the customer demands. ”

Morten Buhl Sørensen, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Supply Chain: See attached

“The MLA concept has been crucial for our customer loyalty to increase. I have examples of several customer cases where MLA has created groundbreaking and game changing solutions, and that's what the MLA concept can do.

We have customers who have said they want to copy-paste the concept and use it in their own business. This is perhaps the best proof that MLA works and creates successful results"

Soren Kvorning, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Services: See attached

Hans Peter Boisen: See attached

Mette Schnefeld: See attached

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